5 Bedroom Must Haves

Your bedroom is a place where you can spend some quality time with yourself. Therefore it is necessary that you decorate it keeping in view the color scheme and pieces of art that compliment your taste and you feel more comfortable and peaceful. Your room should be such a place that works efficiently on your fatigue level and make you feel fresh and lively and forget all the worries of the day. From comfy beddings to essential room accessories, your rooms must be fully equipped to address your changing moods and needs. This article will enlist five items that you must have in your bedroom to fully cherish the moments spent in it.

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Comfortable bedding

A sound sleep is essential for maintaining good physical and mental health. To create a light and peaceful environment, it is recommendable to invest in some quality beddings that ensure the quality of your sleep. To make your room comfortable, it is advisable to have knowledge of the seasonal fabric that adjusts well to the weather changes without negatively impacting your sleep hours. Avoid getting trapped by the branding tactics that just promote luxurious and glamorous trends but are not comfortable at all. Don’t get caught in the hype of thread count while choosing the bedding for your room. High thread count does not mean high quality and good texture it just shows the total number of threads per square inch of the fabric. The best strategy is to invest in fabrics that have ideal thread count that encourages ventilation to help you enjoy a sound and peaceful sleep.

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A stylish yet comfy rug

A rug is considered as an essential item of a bedroom. It not only saves you from the chill of the hardwood floor by providing you with warmth but also enlivens your space by framing your bed and giving your room a more gracious look. It is a pleasant feeling to wake up in the morning and get your feet pampered by a furry and soft rug that freshens you at once and gives you a boost in energy to deal with the tough routine of the day.

Colorful and patterned pillows

Most of us keep limited pillows in a room which is considered as the biggest flaw in the bedroom décor. But this does not mean that you start overcrowding your bed with pillows and cushions as this would cost you time and energy while changing your beddings. Add beautifully patterned pillows (maximum four to six) in vibrant shades to add a wow factor to your bedroom décor.

A sitting place

While decorating the bedroom, the concept of sitting area is often ignored that results in the over usage of the bed giving it an untidy look. Therefore, it is recommendable to wisely utilize the space and dedicate a corner of the room to some elegant rocking chair which can be used for relaxing, enjoying a piece of literature or using your laptop for office work. According to the modern trends as envisaged by the media a bench at the foot of the bed adds a glamorous touch to your room and also provide you with a sitting space.

Something you deeply admire

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, and it must be filled with items that you admire the most and always give you a warm and welcoming feeling every time you enter the room. Hence the décor choice is left to your creativity. Feel free to place the childhood gifts that you treasure the most, art piece that gives you motivation, a collage of your favorite memories with favorite people or a small token of love from someone that you hold close to your heart. Adding these things to your bedroom décor keeps you connected with the best days of your life and every day starts and ends on a happy note in this room.


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