7 Tips on Choosing a Wedding Dress for a Pregnant Bride

In this article, we will tell you about how to choose a wedding dress in Dubai if you are pregnant. Using our recommendations, you can become the most charming bride.

The secret or pride

Before you start buying, decide for yourself: are you willing to hide the fact of your pregnancy or do you want to emphasize that very soon your new family will join another member.

Do not hurry

Do not buy a dress too early. If till wedding is even more than a month, it’s worth waiting, because you do not know how your volumes will change, and the dress that’s sitting on you today can be completely useless in a couple of weeks. Remember that not only the stomach grows, but also the chest.

“To Grow Into” Dress

No matter what kind of dresses you choose, always remember that you will grow with time. A few extra centimeters will be useful, because your body changes every day. And the fabric, which is still really superfluous, can be very useful in a week.


If you think that the rounded tummy will be a hindrance to buy a stylish wedding dress, then you are mistaken. There are many styles that will emphasize your beauty in such a feminine position. Choose the Empire or A-silhouette dress:

Empire style is ideal for the bride in an advanced state of pregnancy. A bodice in this dress is highlighted, and a skirt made of chiffon or crepe-chiffon is placed under it. Therefore, the waist line is not underlined.Dress with A-silhouette is recommended to choose when the stomach is barely able to be seen. Expanded from the bottom to the top of the dress will hide the absence of the waist.

If you want to focus on your tummy, consider options where the emphasis is on it. Too narrowed cut is not exactly for you, because it will restrict your movements and put pressure on the child.

Dress Decorations

It is no less important than the style itself. Embroidery, drapery and applications are able to hide flaws and emphasize all the virtues. However, ruffles is not the option that you need, because they add volume.

Best to be Safe

Taking the dress from the salon, do not think that this is your cooperation with his staff is over. Take contacts of the salon for case you need to adjust the dress.


Shoes should be bought earlier than the dress itself, and on fitting try already in shoes, sandals or shoes, in which you are going to get married. The correct length of the dress can not be found without shoes. Especially in your condition, the length of the dress can jump a few centimeters.

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