Basic Information about Print Fabric That You May Not Know

How well do you know about fabric? You may amaze on the fabric patterns and designs when you pass by the fabric stores. Do you know that there are many methods in textile printing in order to create high-quality fabric printing? Those include using dyes or paint. And, there are many types of prints on the market that you do not know yet. Here this article will explain several types or print fabrics! So let’s have a look

Basically, there are thirteen different types of fabrics that you commonly find on the market. The first print fabric type is classical or commonly known as ethnic or traditional printed fabric. This type fabric brings a traditional collection like musical instruments. Besides, these classical fabrics can be considered as batik, tie, and dye, or even block of Rajasthan. Most of you may know this famous fabric pattern, Floral. This textile print types have patterns or designs which are inspired by thousands of varieties of flowers whether in single or bunch which is huge or small. This types should have a great color combination.

We believe that most of you have strips print fabric. Yup! This fabric type is one of the most popular patterns on the market. There are many types of stripes including zigzag, diagonal, horizontal, vertical, curved, or even zebra. If you are the one who loves vertical and horizontal lines at 90-degree angles of checks print textile types. In fact, these patterns have four types of checks print fabric which are Oxford, Bombay, Madras, and plaid check. You may be familiar with polka dots pattern, right? Polka dots is as one of the categories of dots print fabrics. There are still two more types of dots pattern including big dots and small dots.

If you have kids whether they are boys or girls, you may know animal print fabrics, right? The color and the pattern of this types is so much eye-catching. This patterns and designs are inspired by wildlife. This can be the pictures of the animal of the skin texture of the animal or the footprints like Snake, Tiger, Zebra, Dog, Monkey, Wolf, etc. Additionally, there is also textile printing with Children’s fabric pattern. Particularly, this types of fabrics emphasize the children’s mood like cartoons, toys, fruits, etc. So, that is all types of print fabrics you commonly find on the market.

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