Hairstyles for Curly Hair Are In Fashion This Season

There are so many great hairstyles for curly hair, from short to long and every length in between. It is important that you know how to take care of curly hair in order to maintain your hair style. Generally the curlier hair is, the kinkier it will be as well. This means that it will be even more prone to frizzing.

The cut of the hair is very important. If curly hair is not cut just right, it can lead to a very unappealing look. Many curly haired women and men too have been left quite disappointed by the wrong cut. When trying out a new salon or hairdresser, always ask if there is someone available that specializes in cutting curly hair. Don’t be fooled. Just because your girlfriend with pin straight hair got a great cut, doesn’t mean you will.

Curly hair styles should always start with a layered hair cut. If there are no layers, the curls will not show there best potential. Worse, you will likely have a hair style that looks less like a style, and more like a mess. This is not a complicated matter. Longer hair should have longer layers, and shorter hair should have shorter ones.

The hair dresser that insists on cutting your hair shorter than you tell her it has to be, should be a red flag. Now, she may explain to you that she must remove the split ends, and she is right. However, if she thinks that you will look “cute” with your hair cut to stop at the ear ( which looks very cute on some women with straight hair) understand that this person is not familiar with curly hair. Unless you want to look like “Bozo” the clown, this is a bad length for curly hair.

If you see the curling iron or a straightener come out, you probably have a problem, and probably a bad cut. Now, there are lots of really terrific effects that can be accomplished using irons, but, you should not have to use them for an everyday look.

Be flexible, but when it comes to length, stick to your guns. Curly hair does not look the same as straight hair as it grows back. You know your hair, so, unless you want to look like a “Q tip”, or like you are wearing a helmet for the next year and a half, be sure to explain to the hairdresser what you have experienced.

Do not over wash your curly hair. Of course we all want to be clean, but over washing can really destroy your hair. Once you have split ends, it is very difficult to make your curly hair look polished. Also be sure to always use conditioner. Curly hair seems to be much thirstier than straight hair. Do not feel like you have to spend a fortune on hair care products. Just make sure you conditioner each and every time that you wash your hair. Even try “leave in conditioner” in warm weather, or on rainy days, when hair tends to frizz more easily.

Shy spray can be your best friend. The sun does not reflect off of curly hair the way that it does straight hair. This can leave a beautiful curly hair style looking a bit dull. Be sure to spray it after it has been styled. If you have not used this type of product before, be prepared for a real treat. It will make your hair look fantastic, and add that shine that everyone else seems to have naturally.

Curly hair styles are back in fashion this season. If you have naturally curly hair, this is your moment. Just make sure that you take the time to make yours look the best that it can.



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