How To Buy A Bra That Fits You Perfectly

It is unfortunate that a lot of ladies put on the wrong bras and yet don’t realize it. Furthermore, very few understand the different types of bras that suit different body types. As you shop for Triumph Doreen bras, there are a few things you should keep in mind and they entail checking the right size. Always take the following measurements if you want an all-time flattery bust area.

  • Consult a professional

A bra designer like Triumph Doreen can help you find the most fitting bra. An expert can talk you through your body size and identify the right steps for you to take. This is basically an art as opposed to science and is usually a matter of the band size and the cup size. A designer will help you figure out the best fits. After a while you will also perfect the art of bra fitting and you won’t need any help.

  • How to measure the right size

While you may not be a fan of taking measurements, wearing the wrong size of bra can lead to a lot of discomfort and subsequent lack confidence about your body. It is true that the body changes all the time and so you must keep measuring your bust area whenever you visit Triumph Doreen.

  1. Band size: the band size is taken by running a measuring tape around the under-bust, keeping it parallel to the floor. The right measurement is neither looses nor binding. To get the smallest band size, exhalation should be done.
  2. Cup size: this is equivalent to the fullest portion of a bust. Again, the tape measure must be parallel to the ground.

Not that these are measurements for non-padded bras. In case your breasts sag, make the straps tighter till the breasts reach the midpoint between the elbows and the shoulders. While you can get a bra without taking these two measurements, a tape measure does not always give accurate sizes. In case you find odd numbers on the tape measure, you should round them off to the nearest even numbers. There are certain factors that can affect measurements of a tape such as:

  1. The back size
  2. Breast firmness
  • Size of shoulders
  1. If you have clothes on or not


  • Calibrate the size of bra

Take the measurements of the band and the cup and find the difference. Then use the universal cup sizing table to see your bra size. For instance, if the cup size is 38’’ and the band size 36’’, the difference is 2 and can be indicated in the bra conversion table as a B size bra. Different brands use different symbols to denote cup sizes.

If you want to know your best fit, it is advisable that you consult a bra expert. Understanding your bust size is a transformational step that will help you get your dream Doreen bras.

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