Main Trends of 2018 Wedding Season

In 2018, brides and grooms may refuse large weddings with classical design and enjoy new wedding trends.

Author: Best bridal shop Dubai“Vanilastudio”.

Place for the Wedding

Obviously, the wedding of the year 2017 is Pippa Middleton’s celebration which established new wedding trends for the coming year. Brides do not only want a dress like that of the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge (Pippa Middleton), but are also trying to find the same platform for their wedding ceremony.

Let us recall that a glass greenhouse with a total area of 500 square meters was specially built in Middleton Estate for Pippa’s wedding.

Of course, a few brides are willing to spend 135 thousand dollars just to build a place for a wedding, as the aristocrat’s parents did. The idea of the “air celebration” is not new, but after the season of green and exotic weddings, it is gaining popularity.


Wedding Dress

Many brides find it difficult to imagine the black color at the wedding, although American and European women have long used it for bridesmaid dresses and stylish design. In 2018, the world’s designers Marchesa and Vera Wang are going to offer brides wedding dresses with black accents, such as belts, bows, gloves, and lace decorations. In the collections of Reem Acra there are totally black images, but they are intended for very brave brides.

In addition to dramatic looks, brides can choose wedding dresses with elements of historical costumes, such as collar-struts, long capes, flying pelerines, three-dimensional sleeves, like those in the wedding dress of Princess Diana.

3d printed dresses and wedding jumpsuits that were relevant in 2017, will also be in vogue next season.


Accessories for Brides

The days of modest brides have gone. Massive bridal accessories, such as earrings with floral patterns, metal bracelets and even forged heels of wedding shoes, are in fashion now. One of the trendiest things in the wedding image of the bride will be beads made of pearls. Such beads are built in a lot of ready-made wedding dresses.


Wedding Decorations

Wedding decor in 2018 will be simple, but original. Classic floral compositions on tables and chairs will replace wreaths of fragrant herbs. Generally speaking, the greens will be a favorite for both florists and brides. If such simplicity is not to a bride’s liking, she should pay attention to the multi-level decor, vases of different shapes and materials. Color glass and geometric shapes will be in vogue. But do not forget about a favorite brides’ trick – a combination of ancient elements with modern ones.


Wedding Invitations

In 2017, the newlyweds gave preference to wedding cards with watercolor drawings and calligraphy. In 2018, experts want to do something more unique, for example, to decorate invitations with cloth and natural materials, such as wood and stones.

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